Why you should be excited about mattress pads from Next Big!

We love to love the latest technology, and this time around, the new mattresses from NextBig have us in a raucous mood.We love them because they are so lightweight and durable, and they’re so easy to clean.In fact, we think the only reason you’ll have to throw away your old ones is because they’re really […]

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The best cheap twin mattress deals from 2018

It’s a great time to buy cheap twin mattresses.With the launch of Amazon Prime Day and new mattress launches, there’s a plethora of cheap twin beds available for purchase.We’ve compiled a list of the best cheap mattress deals on Amazon and have picked out the best deals on purple mattresses, mattresses with plastic covers, and […]

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What’s the best mattress for your mattress?

Sam’s Club mattress sale online.The Sam’s club store in San Francisco, California, has recently launched a $25 purple mattress frame sale.The sale is the latest in a trend of purple mattresses, which are seen as a more affordable alternative to traditional mattresses.A purple mattress can be found at Sam’s for $35, which is considerably cheaper […]

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Queen mattress sold for £5.9m at UK auction

A Queen mattress was sold for a record £5,974,976 in the latest auction of mattresses in Britain.The company was formed by the former owners of the famous Royal Baby, which were given the rights to the Queen and her daughter Princess Charlotte.The new Queen’s bed was bought for £12,700 in April in the first of […]

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Purples ‘pink and blue’ mattress sale ends with a pink one

New York Times (NYT) magazine has reported that the purple Mattress Company, which is best known for its “purple” mattresses, has closed its “pink” purchase of the popular pink mattress brand. The pink Mattress brand has become a popular choice for young people with disabilities because it has a more traditional look and feel compared to the more “blue” Mattresses that have become […]

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