Price of new mattresses at mattress stores drops by $50

Macys and Mattress King are the latest companies to sell the mattresses that have been widely used by many Americans to help them stay awake.Macys announced Thursday it will sell new mattress sizes, as well as mattress colors, new mattock inserts and more.The company also said it will offer mattresses with larger cushions, including foam […]

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Queen mattress set topper queen bed set to be on sale in 2019

The Queen’s mattress set will be on the market in 2019 for $1,799 (£1,890) on, which is a 25% discount off the current price of $1.99. The Queen’s King Bed set, which features a double queen bed and a double king bed, will be available for $599.99 (£539) on’s mattress toppers: Queen, queen mattress, […]

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What the new futon is really like on Amazon

Amazon has launched the futon, a high-tech, soft mattress that is a natural fit for the space.It’s an alternative to the more rigid mattresses that are currently being used in living rooms and bedrooms.The futon features a cushioned back, a flexible foam mattress pad, and two arms that slide out of the back, allowing for […]

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Queen’s Purple Queen mattress review

Royal Blue (Australia) is a bedmaker with over 50 years of experience in producing high quality mattresses.Its founder and CEO, David Huggins, has worked on the Queen’s bed for over 10 years, working as a designer for a variety of brands.“It is a perfect mattress, with a good amount of softness, and its softness and […]

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Amazon buys mattress online for $3.9 billion

The online retailer Inc. AAM1, +0.16% said Tuesday it has bought mattress and pillow maker Mattress Firm LLC for $2.9 bn in cash and stock, bringing its total investments in the mattress industry to $5.7 bn.Amazon’s purchase will increase its stake in the company to 15% from 7%, according to the company.Mattress Firm was […]

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